World Music Program Canada

In a world where we are bombarded with so much imagery, what makes Enrique stand out is his ability to take us straight to the heart of the moment. His photos go beyond great light, subjects and composition: each communicates a story, arresting us with its sheer beauty. Enrique Manzano’s photos don’t just catch our attention through striking images; they tell us the deeper, more beautiful story of the people and places involved.

Enrique creates a personal impact with every image; the reaction is wishing we were right there in that moment with him. Indeed, his photographs have all the hallmarks of a great artist.

We were honoured to have been photographed by Enrique Manzano as part of the SCL Festival in Vienna. His creativity, imagination, eye for detail, and people skills made this one of the most positive experiences we’ve had in our international careers. From event through to wrap up, he worked quickly and efficiently, delivering us photos before our plane had even left the ground. His photos have now entered the canon of some of the greatest photos ever taken of our group, and they will be shared for many years to come.

With great event photography, we want a photographer who will capture the moments that take our breath away. Who will make us wonder “How did he see that?” A photographer who will package images in a smart, seamless way, so that we can focus on what we do best. Enrique fits this description perfectly!

We would recommend Enrique Manzano to anyone who is interested in capturing the true beauty of people, places, and events.

Enrique will deliver you images that you will treasure for the rest of your life.


Paige Freeborn and Adrian Dyck
Co-Directors, World Music Program