Marija & Stefan | Vienna, Austria

It has been some time since our great event, but every day we live with memories from our blessing ceremony. There are so many memorable moments from that day and you helped to keep them warm. Your naturally impeccable eye for catching the right moments, perfect details, surrounding environment is something, which I believe you were born with. Your capability for observation and focus to details is rear to find. In my private and professional life I have been working with many photographers, but must point out that you have the talent, which not many photographers do. Things, which many of them would not even notice, bring your attention and you capture them in most aesthetic and emotional way. Your work is simply full of aesthetics that makes you look at it over and over again. I was very impressed already with your first work at our civil marriage and was extremely happy to have you on the board at our main event. I can honestly say who ever will hire you as photographer will live with everlasting memories forever. And you for sure are with us for our next celebration whenever it will be.

Thank you again for all your work and very kind regards.